why Employees are Unhappy at Work?

18% of employees are unhappy at work and 52% of employees perform without care for their work

Aizan Ali
3 min readApr 24, 2022
why employees are unhappy at work
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Whenever employees start working. they are full of energy and motivation but as time passes their feelings could not remain the same. they feel a lack of energy and loss. That does not stop here.

Even when their work efforts are not recognized at work they are just fed up and try to give up. then they start searching for other companies or career changes.

One Question always popup into mind why do employees need motivation?

You know what After searching on Google I end up with the result that 18% of employees are unhappy at work and 52% of employees perform without care for their work. It was shocking to see that 66% of employees leaving their company would improve recognition at work.

After spending many searches I find out the most common reasons why employees are unhappy at work. So Let’s begin

1-lack of confidence

Most common problems in employees having a lack of confidence and fear of failure. So an entrepreneur or enterprise it’s your duty to keep your employees motivated during their work.

many employees have many great ideas but they are scared to share them. An organization must keep employees motivated and stay focused. hence A strong bonding helps them to overcome their fear.

My father always said you can’t take a stand until you face your fear -Aizan Ali


As we know every employee has some responsibilities towards work and they want that their work should be appreciated. That can happen only by providing the right amount of workload on employees so that they feel focused and motivated.

However, the right amount of work is a need of every employee. In our brain, there is a decision-making center that needs to be exercised.

The research found that the decision-making center is under development process in those people due to depression. So it can be cured by practicing.

the workload is one of the major causes of employee resignation

3-No Development opportunities

working in an environment that has no learning opportunities for its employees. is this one of the biggest drawbacks in the business world?

As we see in startups there are multiple developments and learning opportunities for the employee to hone their crafts or learn a new one.

It will help to keep employees loyal to their company. and also have a positive impact on employee mind. which will help employees to keep happy and focused during their work.

4-choosing wrong career

Choosing the wrong career or Working in a place that makes you stuck and tired. It’s not the right place for you. For instance, Some people love to read. and it’s easy for them to spend their life reading.

For those one working in a library is dream come true. So try to look for something which interests you more like coding, editing, writing, it can anything. Go and explore yourself.

5-Not Feeling valued

when employees see their efforts are recognized at work. then put more effort into their job. on the other hand, it’s quite common among employees to feel their work is not appreciated.

not feeling valued can affect their work and this is not good for the organization. so their work efforts should be appreciated clearly.

companies need to ensure all employees should be feel valued at the workplace. therefore, bonding with employees makes them feel valued which cannot be compared to any pay rise or trip, or bonus.


Working in a place that makes their employee feels happy like a home.it will help them to work hard and make them a loyal employee of their organization.

every employee wants their efforts should be recognized at work and the company should value them. and you cannot rely on increasing salary to ensure that your employee is happy.

Keep in mind other things help the employee to keep motivated rather than increment. So be ready and build a workforce that can serve you from year to year.



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