Why should you start working in a small startup?

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Startup sounds “full of challenges” . I know you have a question in your mind. Working in a small startup with a less job security and a small pay sounds crazy.

Is it really a good idea?

Benefits for working in a startup
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But if you flip the coin. you’ll see the perks so there is no chance you drop this offer. In fact a survey taken in America by Accenture 44% of new graduates wants to kick off their career in a small startup or enterprise.

Also other professionals from different backgrounds want to join and make a change as well. Working in a small venture provides the opportunities that you can’t get from large corporations.

Few advantages that make up your mind why do you want to work at a startup.

Benefits for working in a startup are:


Working in a startup means having a small team with more responsibilities like everyone else’s role, so there is no one who has the same expertise as you.

Your unique way to approach the problem and solve it with your own tactics definitely noticed by others.

That makes you more responsible and reliable while improving yourself and adapting new skills.

on the flip side.while working in a big corporation makes you feel stuck in a loop (doing the same thing over and over again). working in a firm(startup) gives you a legacy to speak for a change.

Hands on opportunities

I don’t need to tell you about the salary in a startup in comparison to big shots. They are quite low in numbers and you may be worth even more than a startup.

but working in a startup gives you lots of rewards in the form of learning new skills and gaining opportunities. The experience you’ll get outweighs the pay cut.

In a big organization, the system is well structured with people doing their tasks like a routine but they could not get a chance to encounter other branches of the field.

Working for a startup gives you the opportunity to explore more.not only in your own domain but encourages you to dive headfirst into different areas of the industry.

Innovative thinking

People who start a business have a different mindset as compared to those who have never taken a chance to create something on their own.

Moreover, entrepreneurs are known as innovators who approach and see the problem in an unusual way. it makes other team members think wisely and create a path to success.

Working in such an innovative place gives you energy , excitement and also get back the fun in your life. Further, it inspires you to learn more from such an innovative leader.

Entrepreneurial spirit

startups gives the opportunities to work with leaders and founders. A closed chance to live in an entrepreneur’s world.

Having direct contact with founders gives you in-depth understanding from hiring someone to scaling a business to the next level.

Being a member of a small team gives the ability to introduce new ideas for an organization to grow more.

Taking a step makes you think like an owner of a business. your small change its not only benefits you and your team but as well as the company.

Work environment

startup culture is quite famous in the business world. not only for wearing comfy clothes. and getting free snacks. playing games during breaks (like pool, fuse-ball) but also flexible working schedule.

A startup community is a close knit family. folks are all around you, coming up with innovative ideas for the problem or creating something that makes life much easier.

working environment which is full of motivation and inspiration where everyone is together to solve problems and learn new things from each other.


working in a small startup gives you a chance to work on yourself. Try to become the best version of you. likely, problem handling, creative thinking, decision making ability, leadership, team management and much more getting those skills is such a nice deal.yes you might be right there are some drawbacks as well. but success needs sacrifices.

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