Why is Entrepreneurship considered a lonely journey?

Entrepreneurs work on weekends and others spend time with their families. it feels very lonely

Aizan Ali
3 min readApr 26, 2022
Why is Entrepreneurship considered a lonely journey?
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Whenever you heard entrepreneur. thoughts coming to your mind like traveling the world, trips on private jets and luxury yachts, meeting with successful entrepreneurs, and enjoying the luxury lifestyle.

But this is not always the case entrepreneurship is not always easy. According to study half of the CEOs feel lonely in their roles. so now if you put yourself in their shoes. See the dark side of entrepreneurs like struggling with finances and dealing with rejection.

Nevertheless, No one is there for your support i.e morally and emotionally. Also, no one is going to understand you. people are always criticizing you. why are you wasting your time? Entrepreneurship is not for you? and you started doubting yourself and some of them just give up.

So just like these hurdles you have to face many more phases where you feel lonely in this long journey.

so here I have listed down some common stages where you feel lonely.

Deal with rejection

The most common word you heard as an entrepreneur. whether you are pitching some investor to attract finances for your business. or a client you want. you’re going to face rejection.

sometimes getting rejected again and again makes you feel lonely, doubtful and even you start questioning yourself, your idea, your product, etc

But keep in mind you’re not alone who is facing this. every successful entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, has to go through this stage. now you’ll see how they inspire the world with their success.

No time for friends and family

As an entrepreneur, you are always busy making your company profitable. most of the time you don’t have much time to socialize. There is no one you can rely on(completely).

you are alone in dealing with all the company problems. This is one of the challenges that every entrepreneur has passed through.

just like your professional life, your personal life(friends and family) is important. it helps you to deal with your loneliness.

Once your business is stable take some time off for your family and friends to overcome this problem

Taking the right Decision

Decision-making is one of the difficult challenges in all of them. Because one wrong decision may cause you a big loss.

Nonetheless, the Entrepreneur is alone who is taking all the big and small decisions for your company. So it’s a load of pressure on your shoulders.

But don’t worry, with the right analysis you will know how to make the right decision. That is the only thing you will learn from your own experience

No one understands you

No one understands you. only you are alone working on your ideas. for instance when Elon started working on SpaceX. everyone said he is working on something impossible. but now his success speaks for him.

So it’s very common for people to judge a situation without looking into it. So here you have only yourself to prove them wrong. let them see how you make your empire.


Working overtime is a habit of every entrepreneur. As an example Elon musk he works 100+ hours per week. when every one spending time with their family you are alone working in your company. moreover, when everyone spending their vacations in the Maldives you still pitching to investors. it feels very lonely. but don’t worry there is no pain no gain. so work hard to make your dreams come true.


Entrepreneurship is considered a lonely journey So don’t be sad if you feel lonely. every Entrepreneur has to go through this. only a few survives who stick to the end. During the journey, you have to face many more challenges that you never expected. So prepare for it in advance.

At last, Never let yourself down and always think about your goals. keep reminding yourself why you want to become an entrepreneur. Stick with it until you get success



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