Why do you want to become an entrepreneur?

I want to Turn ideas into reality. But why you?

Aizan Ali
3 min readApr 20, 2022
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To be an Entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility as we know. Becoming an entrepreneur means having a lot of sacrifices.

People usually think it’s an easy task but putting yourself in shoes makes you think twice. But now I am not here to talk about the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur.

Many entrepreneurs have their own reasons to become an entrepreneur. I’m going to share with you some common reasons So why people consider to become your own boss

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

To Make a change

Entrepreneurship gives you a chance to make a change in the world with your innovative ideas and upcoming technologies that make their life much easier.

Upgrading the existing ideas with the new one and creating new products plus services that help them to stand out in the crowd of entrepreneurs.

To Serve Society

Social Entrepreneurs are individuals who approach problems and solve them for the sake of society.

Different communities have the same old-aged problems that entrepreneurs can solve with new ideas.

Social Entrepreneurs the only motto of such types of an entrepreneur To serve Society not making any business or profit.

Be your own boss

Some people are tired of being on a 9–5 job where they cannot live on their own terms. Being your own boss gives you freedom to live your life.

To do what you love. To eat what you want.

Nonetheless the good part is you’re the boss. There is no one who takes your credits. And no one is going to disturb you in the middle of knights.

Want something thrilling Like Risks

Entrepreneurs’ lives are full of thrills. You can’t expect what could happen in the next 10 minutes working on a startup gives you goosebumps.

Their life is all about taking risks making business from the opportunity. If situation gone worse the might get bankrupt

Financial freedom

Everyone wants to travel the world, want to eat gourmet food and want to spend their vacations in Bali or Maldives but all of that requires money.

Which is the sad part. But Being an entrepreneur means being a millionaire or even a billionaire(not all entrepreneur)

Which gives you a chance to ride a Rolls Royce, weekends on your private yachts, enjoying luxury lifestyle and much more.

Family Business

In many parts of the world family business is the only way to support family financially.

However It is the best motivation for young entrepreneurs to create products that make them stand out in a crowd.


To conclude, that’s not the dead-end “why people want to become an entrepreneur” there are many more reasons that inspire and encourage people to join the queue.please share with me yours, which helps others to give a hope to join the crowd.at last i just wanna say entrepreneurship is not a destination it’s journey which gives more reasons when you ride.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”Vince Lombardi



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