Top “Common Problems” Entrepreneurs Faced

Problems are the part of an Entrepreneurs journey. Be aware yourself

Aizan Ali
5 min readApr 22, 2022
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Entrepreneurs are individuals who take the risk to start a business. Working for yourself is stressful and sometimes makes you nervous and full of self-doubts. but you have to keep in mind your goals.

However, Entrepreneurship is like “a long-haul flight” that takes some time. The road to success is full of hurdles so don’t be surprised. In this process the higher you go, the more problems you face. So the journey to success never ends.

You have to keep pushing yourself. also, keep reminding yourself of your goals and dreams. which keeps you awake in your journey. So Most of these problems are faced by every entrepreneur once in their journey.

Hiring Talent

Picking the right fruit for your company is a hard task. Most startups fail because they do not have the right team.

So hiring the right person who works under stress and fits your work environment helps you to achieve your business goals is quite difficult.

Moreover, Hiring a person is not about talent but other things like education, experience, etc. Now you may realize that hiring is not a one-man job.

So for that, they are recruiting companies that are here to help you out. But it adds an expense to your account.

Which means you need to pay them from your pocket. But it’s like an investment for your business which helps to choose the right employees.


Getting funds for the business is the most common problem for all entrepreneurs. But for experienced ones, it’s much easier in comparison to newcomers.

Because of their previous ventures and networking which gives them a green light. But for new-one who are just starting, they need to go crazy for funding.

However, there are various reasons which make it challenging for new entrepreneurs to get funding:

1- You don’t have any experience in this industry

2- You don’t have any connections with the right person.

3- Investors don’t trust you.

On top of that, if you get funding for your startup it would be hard for you in the next few months. Because you have limited time and resources. Your venture is not making any profit.

In this situation, if you don’t have any backup plan. You might end up with a shortage of cash and the whole effort you made up til would be wasted.

lack of confidence and Self-Doubts

Being an entrepreneur looks like fun but in reality, you have to deal with yourself (no confidence and self-doubts). That is common in early entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are always around those bad feelings.

Entrepreneurship is a heavy process which means your shoulders are always full of responsibilities. You need to make new products for the growth of your business venture.

Which is quite a hectic thing. Sometimes you don’t have enough time for yourself. Which makes the situation worse and you are left with your self-doubts.

To overcome this problem the only thing you can do is to keep reminding yourself why you want to become an entrepreneur

Time management

Managing time is also crucial for early-stage startups. As we know there is a shortage of funds. So you spend most of your time on important things like how to take a business to the next level.

Therefore, you have to keep yourself prepared and set your boundaries earlier.

Try to do most of the tasks on your own. So there is less chance of any mistakes.

Decision making

Decision-making is one of the most important challenges in all of them. Because one wrong decision may cause failure or big loss.

More importantly, it is quite hard for an entrepreneur because you are the only one who is taking all the big and small decisions for your company.

So it’s a load of pressure on your shoulders. But don’t worry, with the right analysis you will know how to make the right decision. That is the only thing you will learn from your own experience


Being an entrepreneur means having visionary eyes to plan your business’s future. For this, you have always come up with new innovative ideas to boost your business stamina.

Nonetheless, whenever a team faces a challenge or is stuck somewhere you have to come up with creative ideas to move forward with your employees as it is your responsibility (as a Business owner).

Facing competition

Becoming an entrepreneur defines Dealing with the competition. Once your startup starts growing, the first hurdle in your road is competitors. This means you need new ideas to deal with them.

The problem is that your competitors are not only others startups but sometimes even big companies.

However, the majority of big businesses eliminate their competition (by buying them) or giving something valuable in exchange. So you should be ready to counter them.


Most of the common problems among young entrepreneurs are less focused. You might even have a great business plan or any revolutionary product that changes people’s lives.

That is quite usual for youngsters to get distracted by little success.

To stay afloat, entrepreneurs tried not to get distracted by little victories. The business that survives the most which stays focused and stick with their goals


As an entrepreneur, you are alone in dealing with all the company problems. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to see your family and friends. There is no one you can rely on(completely).

This is one of the challenges that every entrepreneur has passed through. Because you are doing this for your better future.

Once your business is stable and you can trust your team members to rely on you. so try to take some time off for your family and friends to overcome this problem

Dealing with rejection

Getting rejected is quite usual for every young entrepreneur who just started out.No matter how much effort you put into your business plan the people will reject you. and even your family members reject your ideas.

Therefore reasons for your rejection would be:

1-you are new to this industry

2-You are quite young

3-You don’t have any experience (something similar)

I know getting rejected by your family and others. Make your morale down. And it makes you lonely. The only one who survives this state. Who has unbreakable confidence and unlimited faith in your ideas?

So for this, you have to start making new friends and meet different entrepreneurs who encourage you, support you, and even your ideas.


Entrepreneurs are known for their problem-solving abilities. Their journey is quite far and During the journey, you have to face many more challenges that you never expected. So prepare for it in advance.

Entrepreneurship is a process of learning while making mistakes. So don’t be sad if you face any failure. Take it as a lesson “try again” and “add stubbornness” in your attitude makes you a real entrepreneur.

At last, Never let yourself down and always think about your goals. keep reminding yourself why you want to become an entrepreneur. Stick with it until you get success.



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