Top 5 Tips to get Reader Engagement

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Every Time you write a post you notice that you’re getting Views But not Getting engagement.I know sometime its frustrating

According to a research 55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on a post.

Few year back however, the average spending time was 96 seconds

It definitely a bad news for someone who is try to build audience.

So,Here In next couple of minutes you definitely learn

“How To write a eye catchy content that get reader engagement?”

Your first sentence decides that visitor convert into a reader.or just leave the post…so keep focusing on your first sentence

Just like me ‘What i did’ I tell you about the problem that you’re facing.

I know the statement is little bit confusing how i convince the reader.I mean used the researches and stats helps to get more engagement and develop the interest of the person

Make your article simple as much as you can.Tell them in start what you’re going to discuss in following sections.That enhance the relationship between reader and post.

The Bold words helps reader to tell importance of fact. Moreover,the most important thing about highlights that catch the eye of reader and tell the story. sometime it can be more helpful for visitor that you’re providing them value

Wrapping up definitely be a part of article it help to give a quick overview of the post what we discussed in a from head to bottom.

Just like us we discussed top 5 easy tips that helps writer to get more and better engagement.

At last If you have any tip that you want to add in this list.Don’t be Shy…

Just Share It.



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