Got 50,000 Views on Quora.What Should I know?

Aizan Ali
3 min readAug 11, 2020
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Every time when i look back the words that came in my mind is “I wish I New this…I wish I New this’’. I know most of you have done or experienced something in your life.It’s either could be in any field like as cooking,sports,video games,mobile tricks,traveling,etc

But Why every-time when we done something? Ohhh…ufff…!“I wish I New this…I wish I New this’’

But time never stops so just like that there is similar journey of mine…In which i did many mistakes…and i learn from them…and i hope it’ll help someone else…

Here are some tips that could help you to get your first 50,000 views on Quora.

People need solutions

Quora is a place where people looking for instant answers. But most of time when we requested any question many of us including me facing a problem of promotions.

i know Promotion paying a very vital role for any industry. But it does not mean that we promote our selves instead of giving a solution that people are asking. So,try to give instant and relevant answers.

Be Quick

According to the Quora association, the number of daily asked questions varies, but it is almost always in the range between 3,000–5,000 questions asked a day.

So it much easier to understand On daily basis you get lot of requested Questions…People are really don’t care but some who using Quora from last couple of years they know If you want to get success on Quora you have to Quick and fast…

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Stick with your domain

Quora have varies of options. And in every field people are struggling with something its either be a relationship,business,life,exam,college,studies,etc.

Problems are now part of our life and profession.

It might be funny but Generally speaking people are looking for suggestion and advice on Quora

Yeah…I remember last time a guy requested me a Question related to cybersecurity and hacking stuff…

His Question was “Can I hire a professional hacker to help me with a cybercrime incident?”

SO just like that people are stuck in their life they want to escape from their problem…So decide and stick with your domain.

Follow your passion

Just like Itold you earlier “Stick with your domain” But please don’t try to cover every industry sometime it might be work but from generally speaking try to write an answer that you have experience and you love to answer them…

To be honest, you can answer a few questions in different domains.But a time is come people are asking question that are quite deeper that only be understand by pro…

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Be Original

It’s very very complicated statement but Be Original, Be Genuine,Be Authentic.etc…I mean on quora some people are just copying and pasting the answers… It can help you to get views but for little period of time.So my advice is to keep your answers Original.

and because your answers are unique it can help to get more engagement on Quora.

lastly people need solution that you have experience.SO don’t try to mislead them.some time quora will banned you from such silly mistakes…So Be prepare for that…and Good Luck for You Quora Journey…and Happy Answering the Questions



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