Three great examples of entrepreneurs

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Three great examples of entrepreneurs
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To be an Entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility as we know. Becoming an entrepreneur means having a lot of sacrifices.

People usually think it’s an easy task but putting yourself in shoes helps you understand entrepreneurial journey.

But now I am not here to talk about the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur.

Before i go share with you about three successful entrepreneurs

let’s define entrepreneur and entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurs are innovators who make businesses by turning Ideas into reality”

“Entrepreneurship is a process in which entrepreneurs approach the problem and solve it by taking risks”

examples of entrepreneurs

examples of entrepreneurs
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Andrew Carnegie

A Scottish born American Entrepreneur who made most of his fortune from the steel industry then became a major philanthropist.

Andrew Carnegie was a bobbin boy at a Pittsburgh cotton factory earning 1.20$ per week.

before becoming the division superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1859.

While working there he invested in multiple businesses like iron and oil and made his first fortune in the early 30s.

After that he entered the steel business in the 1870s,and for the next few decades became a powerful man in the steel industry.

Fortunately, in 1901 sold his company for $480 million dollars and more then 350$ million dollar giving away to charity.

Walt Disney

I know you have heard that name before.Yes i am talking about the founder of Walt Disney company and theme parks(Disneyland and Walt Disney World).

His Brand started Growing with the character name Mickey mouse and after that thousands of other character names are shown in that list.

Their journey is not easy as well. He faced many hurdles like stealing work and commercial failures

But his determination and commitment to his work made his business around the globe.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk and his journey to success had lots of ups and downs before building SpaceX and Tesla.

He created many different products and tools just like at the age of 10 build a game and sold it for 500$.

Elon also created Zip2(a web software company that helps newspapers to create online city guides)

after that future of banking which merged to money transfer company cofinity.Which is now known as PayPal)

However, eBay bought PayPal for 1.5 billion dollar. Which results in Elon Musk being left with 180 million dollars in stock.

And the current Net Worth of Elon Musk $282 billion US which became him No 1 richest person in the World in 2022.

share the name of an entrepreneur that you think should add in this list.



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