Impact of Cloud Computing On entrepreneurs

Impact of Cloud Computing On entrepreneurs
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Cloud computing isn’t a new thing. the idea was first proposed in 1950. So what is Cloud computing? I interpret it as “the delivery of computing services over the internet(cloud)”

Therefore, cloud computing is a lifeline for small startups or for upcoming entrepreneurs who are looking for something cheap to run business operations.

over the years cloud computing is growing rapidly. Research conducted by Gartner shows the cloud service industry is reaching $411 Bn by 2020, which was $260 Bn in 2017.

Now let’s see how cloud computing helps entrepreneurs and impacts the business world.

Cost reduction

Cloud computing makes use of technology much easier. There’s no need to worry about vast infrastructure including hardware, software upgrades, and maintenance — or the people to manage and support it.

Everything is managed by cloud providers(i.e Aws, Azure). This saves you a lot of time that you can invest in more essential tasks.

A survey conducted by Rackspace reveals that 88 percent of cloud users reported cost savings and 60 percent say that cloud computing has reduced the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure, giving them more time to focus on strategy and innovation

Cloud computing seems to be a good option for new startups and for big businesses also its pay-per-use concept helps them to operate their business at less cost.


Cloud computing helps businesses to grow effectively. As the company grows, it can expand its infrastructure and facilities without the worry of additional servers and extra space.

they just need to change their subscription plan with a cloud service provider. to increase operating efficiency, the provider assigns you extra space according to your requirements.

In the future, if you want to reduce or scale down you can do it too without any difficulty. Cloud computing opens the gate for both small and large businesses.


Cloud computing is quite flexible. in a digitized era, businesses are continuously changing. they are relocating from place to place, hiring freelancers, adding permanent employees, merging and un-merging so quickly just to fulfill their business needs.

with the help of cloud services, you can work remotely. and access your files from anywhere around the world.

cloud enables employees to work without the worry of any threat. This improves the flexibility and productivity of the remote workforce.

However, Customers are free to decide what services they want and pay per use. Also, users can switch from one server to another.

Almost unlimited storage

In the old days storage is a very common problem among businesses. “where to store data?” but with an ideology of cloud computing enables businesses to store an unlimited amount of data

without the worry of space like in traditional physical storage devices. nevertheless, companies can increase or decrease their space according to business needs.


Tech threats include server crashes, cybercrime, power outrage, desktop crash, natural calamity, and much more give you a tough time due to the fear of losing your data

on the same side, Companies such as Pixar, AP, 3M, Apple, Toyota, Coca Cola and many other big giants already taking advantage of Cloud-computing.

Because they know cloud computing has data backup solutions to eliminate your fear of losing data.

Disaster Recovery

One of the advantages of cloud computing is storage. you can access your files from anywhere around the globe which makes it quite useful for businesses and even for students.

Moreover, cloud computing includes a built-in data backup and restore option to keep your data safe. So your information is fully guarded against any threats.

Your information is broken down into pieces, encoded, and dispersed across many locations. Even if somehow a hacker stole your information from a single site, it would be useless. and you can retrieve data from your backup quickly.


Cloud computing is a revolution in the world of technology. It opens plethora new gates for entrepreneur opportunist to run their business operations smoothly and remotely.

Just like in pandemic Cloud helps lot of businesses to work remotely from their home.

However, It’s helps entrepreneurs to change their working-style and understand the value of cloud computing. Currently Cloud computing is still in the phase of research. but it’s still helpful and beneficial for both small and large enterprises.



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