Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship AI Track-A little story

Aizan Ali
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Finally I got a UDACITY Scholarship ‘Introduction to AI in Business’ Before Get into it. why not first I tell you What is this Scholarship all about…

This Scholarship is mostly knowable by Data, AI and cloud computing. In this Program you have a great chance to learn about new industry. Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program is divided in to three categories

Cloud Track

Data Track

AI Track

But right now application for this scholarship is closed Challenge Course but for Full NANO degree Application Periods Starts from 25 March 2021. For more information checkout Bertelsmann University.

So, Without wasting time I’m going to tell you I applied For AI Track and Good News is I got scholarship…For Choosing this Program My goal is to become ML Engineer &


None required, aside from basic computer skills.

SO that’s why I prefer this

What you learn in this Course

This Course is Divided into Five Section.

1. Welcome to the AI in Business Scholarship Program

2. Introduction to AI in Business

3. Creating a Dataset

4. Build a Model

5. Measuring Impact and Updating Models.

First Section — — Welcome to the AI in Business Scholarship Program

In this Part there are two concepts like

How it works? & Join the scholarship Community.

Great thing is that there is the link to join slack UDACITY community. Where you can ask help from your peers.

Second Section — — Introduction to AI in Business

In this Section There is a quick intro about this section.

Intro to AI and ML:

In this lesson you will learn about

What is AI?

what you can do with AI?

Deep learning,

Concepts like

Supervised Learning

unsupervised learning

reinforcement learning

neural networks


and in second half they talk about

using AI and machine learning in business covers

AI approach

Business need

case study like adobe recommended system

need for AI

metrics like LinkedIn how it grow using AI

Enough for today I’m working on next part after completed this I will updated you about my learning journey…

So stay Tuned Aizan Ali



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