8 strategies to get investors interested in your business

Aizan Ali
4 min readApr 30, 2022

startup — First challenge: How to get investment?

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Funding is one of the challenging tasks for entrepreneurs. From an investor’s point of view, it’s risky to invest in new companies. So it’s the entrepreneur’s responsibility to pitch an idea that gets the attention of investors.

it does not matter, who you pitch to for funding like friends, family members, angel investors, and venture capitalists. but you should have a clear strategy in your mind for investors.

So here I have filtered out Eight strategies to get investors interested in your business.

Soft Sell Through Networking

For an entrepreneur, one of the challenging parts is to get funding for his business. but it’s hectic “where to find investors?” for a new company.

Networking easy way to get noticed by investors who you know and who know you. and Soft selling through Networking is one of the best ways to get funding.

However, Attending networking events is a great place to meet the rightful people of your industry.

where you can learn and introduce others to your brand. and the right soft-sell pitch can also help you to get investment for your company.

Be Completely Transparent

fundraising is all about transparency and Getting it from friends and family can be risky. because you don’t want to ruin your relationship with them. “over an idea didn’t work out how you planned”

nonetheless, Share your idea with family and friends and anyone interested in your idea and who wants to join you.

first Make them clear. and if they want to jump in then arrange a meeting to tell them about your company status and future goals. At last, keep them updated about the company and its investments.

apply to a startup accelerator

Applying to a startup accelerator program “if accepted” helps you to build a network and credibility for your startup.

however, joining a startup accelerator can help new entrepreneurs to pitch to a crowd of investors but it cannot guarantee you will get funding. but the experience can help you to improve your Startup.

Personalize your pitch

Getting investment for business takes time. but if you work smart it can make the process smooth and easy. Just like focusing on potential investors in your niche who are more likely to invest in your product.

moreover, take a look at their previous project which got investment recently, and try to make your product theme similar. so the main goal is to pitch investors according to their tastes.

Take advantage of the Online Fundraising Platforms

Now fundraising is not limited to a specific location but here are more ways to get investment by listing your business on “online fundraising platforms”

over the years online fundraising platforms like AngelList, Gust, and CircleUp are growing so fast. if you think you have a billionaire business plan. then there is a chance that you raise money.

Choosing a co-founder

Do you have a co-founder if not? then you should hurry to find one. because when you approach investors they are not just looking at the product but the team behind it.

Nevertheless, choosing the right team for your business is a daunting process. because a wrong co-founder can lead your business to a big loss.

but luckily if you find a good co-founder. it does not only make the starting process easier. also, give you some relaxation that there is someone you can rely on. which gives helps to grow the company.

Build a strong brand online

every investor definitely goes for a background check before they invest in someone's product. so having an online presence is a great way to win their trust.

Therefore, in today’s digitized world, social media(Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Quora, Linkedin, Youtube) is such a powerful tool to get the attention of investors. Have an audience before you start pitching investors. that’s proof of a brand.

lastly, keep your social media and blog updated which leaves a good impression on angel investors.

First-hand User Experience

Business results are very important when it comes to fundraising. Investors are more likely to give funds that have some evidence.

so if you just started then ill recommend you to go and get customer experience first. user experience is the best weapon to pitch to investors.

furthermore, the Investor wants to know, what value you are providing to your customers. what they like about your product. what convinces them to buy it. what makes their product different from other products.

So it proves that people are really interested in your product and shows your commitment to your startup.


Once you feed those strategies into your brains. now you know what to do? and how to do it? so don’t feel sad if you are not getting investment from investors.

Just keep going, keep learning and keep improving yourself. your success is waiting for you.



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